Proteins are critical in biomedical research. Yet many organizations lack the time or ability to generate the recombinant proteins they need. Impact Biologicals solves this problem by efficiently producing high quality proteins for our clients.

Our clients have used our proteins for a wide range of applications, including drug screening, disease detection, structure determination (NMR, X-ray), induction of immune responses (antibodies and cell-mediated immunity; adaptive and innate immunity), and assay development and optimization (ELISA, biochemical assays, etc.). We routinely design, express and purify variant (mutant) sequences along with native sequences.  

Most of our proteins are custom-made for specific clients in pharma, biotech, universities and other public and private institutions. We also sell several proteins that are available as catalog items that are available to all customers. These include several versions of prion proteins and alpha-synuclein.

Feel free to contact Impact Biologicals to discuss your needs. We are happy to carry out complete protein production projects, or specific steps such as as gene design, plasmid construction, protein expression and purification, and assay development. We also are happy to consult with our clients to help identify and resolve problems in all aspects of protein design, generation and evaluation.